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There has been a lot of hype surrounding electronic cigarettes, better known as ‘e-cigs’ lately, so let’s look at the history and facts surrounding this new phenomenon.CF-Sub-ohm

Believe it or not, electronic cigarettes first came about as early as the 1960’s. In 1963, a gentleman named Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent for this type of product, as he was well aware of the hazards of tobacco so this seemed like a great idea.

Unfortunately, this idea was not enough at that time as during this era, cigarettes were so common and so well accepted in our society that using them in public places was entirely ordinary. Believe it or not, smoking was not considered to be dangerous or unhealthy in any way! There just was not a market for a healthier alternative to cigarettes, and the technology was also lacking.

Forty years later, in 2003, A Chinese pharmacist and smoker, Han Lik, decided to develop electronic cigarettes after his father died of lung cancer. Motivated by the tragedy, he created this method that enabled smokers to have nicotine through inhalation, without smoke, tobacco, and the many thousands of chemicals that are part of the production of cigarettes. The company he worked for was in support of him fully, and through their backing, he turned his ideas into reality. The Chinese market took to them almost immediately.

The success spread, and soon electronic cigarettes were embraced by many nations in Europe. Europeans have always been well known for their smoking habits, and this change was quite monumental.

Electronic cigarettes next moved into the American market in 2007. Eventually, the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to become the first major international organization to publically give reference to them and it is from here that they really began to gain popularity.

Throughout the course of the year, electronic cigarette companies and the FDA went back and forth regarding the products, as The FDA was staunch in their belief that electronic cigarettes were potentially dangerous, and that with no regulation, these products were free to be mislabeled. Oregon and California banned sales of electronic cigarettes altogether under this premise.

At this moment in time, electronic cigarettes are proudly sold though out the world, and are believed to be a safer alternative to smoking harmful tobacco. However, studies are still being done to establish the effects of the vapor which they produce.

Of course, the greater alternative would be to quit smoking altogether, but for those that are trying to stop, we hope that this article has taught you all about electronic cigarettes,  If you are unfamiliar with some of the terms in this tutorial please refer to our Electronic Cigarette Terms Glossary page.

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