Ban-happy health authorities smoked by e-cigarettes

happy-vapingIt has been reported recently that health authorities simply don’t know what to do with e-cigarettes. They instinctively want to ban them, but in this case it is not that simple because it would be counterproductive. This is because those people who smoke e-cigarettes are mostly those who are trying to quit regular cigarettes, which contain harmful tobacco.

Barrette is Quebec is the minister of health and also a medical doctor. His specialty is radiology and he claims that e-cigarettes really work and that "If you speak with doctors in the field, it's what we can call a breakthrough."

Meanwhile, Health Canada are making it clear that e-cigarettes are not approved, so they should be altogether banned. They are saying this, in spite of the fact that e-cigarettes are showing real promise in the bid to quit smoking. Alternative methods, such as the patch and nicotine gum, have not been too successful among wannabe quiters.

Health Canada are claiming that 20% of Canadian children have tried vaping, but this only seems to be a problem because e-cigarettes mimic the effect of real cigarettes. It is believed that kids won’t take up vaping anyway, because it is not considered “cool”. This is due to their size and also due to the fact that even though they do have similar effects to normal cigarettes, they do not look the same.

A cigarette can be elegant, with the allure of combustion. An e-cigarette is clunky, with a big, heavy battery. You also can’t casually gesture with an e-cigarette as with a conventional cigarette. The e-cigarette is not generally used as a starter cigarette, it is generally used by people who are looking to be weaned off regular cigarettes.

There are also many vaping store owners who use e-cigarettes themselves, so they are not too happy about the ‘haters’ who want bans either. It is said that “before any level of government imposes a new ban, it should have to lift an existing, equivalent ban on something else. This would reduce, if not arrest the erosion of our remaining personal freedoms”.

It is quite concerning that there are people in positions of power who want e-cigarettes banned so badly, but for now at least, we should all keep vaping!

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