Tips and tricks for using E-cigarettes

When it comes to using e-cigarettes, or ‘vaping’, users generally get a satisfying experience which prevents them from becoming addicted to harmful nicotine. However, sometimes users can be tempted to go back to regular cigarettes out of boredom or frustration out of only acquiring small puffs as opposed to large ones.


In order to improve your vaping experience, read on for some useful tips and tricks.

Primer puffs:

E-cigarettes which have an automatic battery do not product vapor puffs which are as large as those produced by e-cigarettes with a manual battery. This is because there is a short delay between the time you inhale and the time in which vapor is produced. You can pre-heat the coil in the atomizer or cartomizer (in a manual battery e-cigarette) by holding the button down before you inhale. In In order to solve the problem and produce larger puffs in an automatic cigarette, you can get nearly the same effect by taking one or two short puffs before taking the long puff that you intend to inhale. These short puffs are called “primer puffs.”

Don’t overfill your e-cig engine:

Ever wondered what that gurgling noise is which you may hear when you fill your e-cigarette? This gurgling sound is caused when an e-cigarette is over filled. The engine which vaporizes the liquid in an e-cigarette consists of a metal coil which is meant for heating and is wrapped around the wick. This wick actually collects the liquid and puts it into contact with the coil, generating heat that can cause more liquid being drawn from the device’s tank or reservoir. If the wick becomes saturated, there’s not much point in adding more liquid because it still won’t produce any more vapor than what the user expects. It can actually have the opposite effect. Therefore, be careful not to over fill!

Try dripping:

E-cigarette cartridges sometimes have the effect of preventing large amounts of vapor from entering your mouth. To overcome this, you can purchase a hollow drip tip and and then add e-liquid directly to your atomizer from a bottle. This will produce larger clouds of vapor and even more flavour!

Overall, vaping can be a great and enjoyable experience, but by following some handy tricks and tips such as those mentioned above, you can really improve your e-cigarette experience even further. Go ahead and give them a try!



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