Tips for flying with e-cigarettes

E-cigaretteE-cigarettes have really taken off lately, and a huge benefit of being a ‘vaper’ is that you don’t need to worry about leaving nasty cigarette butts behind or being told not to smoke in public.

However, when it comes to air travel, it’s not always so cut and dry. Different airports have different rules and regulations regarding smoking e-cigarettes. While it is usually would be ok to smoke your e-cigarette at an airport, it is best to check and make sure.

When it comes to smoking your e-cigarette on an airline, the general rule is usually that you may carry your e-cig with you, but you can’t vape them on the plane or on the tarmac.

Here are a few air travel tips to ensure that you and your e-cig have a smooth take-off:

Ask your airline which items it allows you to bring in your checked or carry-on luggage:

Different airlines have different rules, so it is entirely possible that one airline may allow you to bring your e-cigarette with you in your carry-on luggage, while another may not. Be sure to find out this information before you travel.

Consider your checked luggage:

Bear in mind that checked luggage may be subjected to checks and x-ray screens and metal detectors will show the battery. Get through security checkpoints more easily by unscrewing the battery and cartridge/atomizer – including them with your keys, coins, watch, wallet etc that you send through the x-ray scanner. Separating the device from the power source also prevents potential problems as they go through the scanner.

When aboard the aircraft, keep your e-cig stowed away:

Do not attempt to smoke your e-cig either in the cabin or the lavatories. You could get into serious trouble if you do this.

Be aware of any unexpected changes to laws or regulations:

It is a good idea to regularly check the various airline websites, in order to be aware of any changes to laws or regulations regarding smoking.

Even though you may not be able to enjoy your e-cigarettes while flying, you will be able to enjoy them in plenty other places while you travel. Pack in an extra e-cig battery and enough flavours to last you. Vaping may be fun, but it needs to be done only where allowed.

Until then, happy vaping and safe travels!

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