Product Use & Maintenance uses only the latest technology for electronic cigarettes. The basic components are a battery and charging unit.

E-cigarettes are pretty low maintenance products. Still, you need to take care of them to ensure you get the longest lifespan and most enjoyment out of your device. They offer so many benefits, so it does not hurt to show them a little bit of love! The good news is that looking after your electronic cigarette does not take much time nor effort.

Most electronic cigarettes are designed to be pretty durable. However, if you are going to abuse your e-cig, it will not last so long and knowing how to take care of them is the best way to ensure you keep vaping! As soon as you get your first electronic cigarette, you need to start looking after it. Once you have bought your starter kit, you can probably start using your e-cig straight away. However, it is sometimes adviseable, no matter how tempted you are, to first charge your battery over night to ensure performance in the long run, and keep your battery going for longer.

Generally, you should charge your e-cig as you would your cellphone. When you go to bed at night, simply plug your battery in and the next day, use your electronic cigarette. This way, you won’t have to be stuck with no battery power in the middle of the day! You should never let your flavour go dry.

Make sure that your atomiser is always full at least 1/3 of the way and do not over-fill it – this will cause your atomiser to leak. When you are not getting much vapour or are experiencing a ‘burnt’ taste, it is time to replace your coil. This is a very easy exercise which needs to be done every 4 – 6 weeks (depending on usage) and is something that many e-cig owners fail to do; resulting in burning out their coil which leaves a terrible taste.

It is also advisable to store your electronic cigarette in a cool place. Leaving your electronic cigarette in direct sunlight, high temperatures or moisture, will drastically reduce the lifespan of your ecig and your atomiser could easily crack.

There you have it! Follow these few tips and you could greatly increase the years of your electronic cigarette to make sure you get plenty of vapour!




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